Blackpool Sea Life Centre Review

When we were asked to review Blackpool SeaLife Centre, I couldn’t think of better guests to bring along than my oldest friend Maggie and her little niece M.  Maggie has always been an animal lover with a particular interest in sea-life, which is why even as a grown up, it’s probably her perfect day out.  And young M appears to be following I her Auntie’s footsteps.

When we arrived, the little ones – Dorothy and M – were given Sea-Life Ranger packs on really sweet clown fish lanyards.  Sadly at 18, Beth was deemed too grown up for Sea-Life Rangers 🙂  The packs cost extra but all guests are invited to take part in a trail where you discover facts around the centre and answer questions about sea life.  It’s included in the cost of entry and you get a certificate at the end.

The centre is completely accessible which is brilliant!  There are lifts to all floors and all toilets are suitable for wheelchair users.  Once you’re upstairs the adventure begins straight away,  with a rock pool full of starfish and other sea creatures that you’re allowed to touch!  We would happily have touched all the starfish but were immediately captivated by this little guy.

I mean look at him!  I reckon his name’s Kevin.  He looks like a Kevin to me.

Because of the lighting, it’s so difficult to get good pictures in the centre but there are so many ways for visitors to get a closer look.  I was really impressed with this – it felt as though around every corner there was a bubble to climb into, a tunnel, a low level window.  The children loved watching sharks and rays swimming past their faces and at 5 and 6, they seemed to be just the right height for everything.

There aren’t many interactive elements at Blackpool Sea-Life Centre.  This may be due to Covid but my experience of attractions like this, is that very few children actually want to press buttons and turn dials when there are exciting things like sharks to see and Nemo to find.   Which of course we did!

Whenever we struggled to find the answers to the questions on the trail, there was always someone to ask.  This chap in particular was more than happy to chat to the little ones and explain about their favourite sea creatures.  For example did you know that crabs malt or that theres a 22 year old turtle in the centre?

There was something new around every corner, whether it was a chance to be a deep sea diver ..

… an answer to the mystery of why the sea-life centre sharks don’t eat the fish…

…or an immersive walk through the Sea-Life Centre Ocean Tunnel.

If you’re looking for a classic, wholesome, exciting and educational day out – look no further than Blackpool Sea-Life Centre.

Top tips

  • Say yes to the Sea Life Rangers Pack
  • Wear flat shoes
  • Make sure everyone has a wee at the beginning
  • Bring some pennies for the penny squashing machine
  • Pack a few snacks
  • If possible use a baby carrier instead of a pram
  • Wear something white so that you get the full effectvof the lights
  • Make sure your camera flash is switched off

Love Rachel ❤

*complementary tickets as part of a press trip

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