Candy Cane Cat Bed

We have three cats – Lola, Jim and Merlin.  Lola is a small tortoise shell who can be a little bit shy.  Jim is a big ginger tom, Lola’s son and a big softie.  Merlin is a beautiful grey who is the biggest flirt – he makes himself at home everywhere!

They’ve had soft cat beds but rarely use them preferring to sleep on beds, sofas, radiators and well, in boxes!  We don’t mind them sleeping on the squishy places in our home but seeing them climb inside the recycling made me wonder whether a more box-like bed would be better received.

And it turns out, I was right!  There’s a lovely greengrocer at my local market who gave me some wooden crates earlier this year.  I’d planned to make something for Halloween but never got round to it so they’ve just been sat there waiting to be transformed onto something and transformed they have been!

First I gave the crate a good clean and let it dry completely.  Then I applied two coats of Frenchic chalk paint.

I found a cheap foam stamp in the supermarket and used it with some red acrylic paint to create some candy cane love hearts.  I used a pencil to mark off where to stamp and to sketch out the words ‘Candy Canes‘.

Finally I filled the bed with an old pillow covered in a little festive fabric.

The paint hadn’t even dried when Jim decided the bed was his, so I think it’s a hit!  Now I’m not going to pretend that this is my best work – it’s nothing fancy but it was a quick and easy transformation and it looks really sweet with all the decorations.

Love Rachel ❤

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