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Just incase you haven’t noticed, I’ll say it – it’s flippin’ freezing!

With the weather having taken such a turn, I’m struggling with after school activities.  When outside doesn’t feel like the freezer section at the supermarket, Dots and I tend to spend a lot of time there!  She loves to climb trees and get mucky and I wholeheartedly encourage it, but it’s just not fun at the moment.  Instead we come in from school, Dorothy climbs under a blanket and she switches the telly on.  Now I’ve nothing against the TV but I’m keen to find alternative entertainment that doesn’t involve frostbite or getting square eyes.  So I’m introducing game nights – or game afternoons – whatever you want to call them.  One or two days of the week where we play games together and don’t reach for the remote control.  The first two are Shoot the Poop and Pick up Pete.


Poop is funny.  It’s funny if you’re 5 or 55 – it just is, I don’t make the rules.  And this game really plays on the fact that everyone’s down for a bit of toilet humour.

Construction is nothing more than clicking two pieces together and game play is simple too.  Each player takes it in turns to use their catapult to shoot Poop into the toilet and the first one to get all of their poop into the bowl is the winner.  Every now and again the toilet says something funny or makes a ‘bum noise’ as Dorothy described it.  If you’re one of those people who dislikes noisy toys, fear not – this can be played without the sound but really it’s part of the fun!


This game went down really well with Dorothy.  She played with it non- stop for an hour – long after everyone else had con weed that she had the best aim!

*Pick Up Pete

I had to keep this one away from the cat who kept trying to catch it!  Pete requires a little bit of construction and some sticker application but nothing  major.  Game play is easy to understand but actually quite challenging – you have to stack your chairs, on top of other chairs, on top of Pete, while Pete drives himself around and around the living room like he’s trying to find a parking space at school drop I think this game is really clever as it exercises some important motor skills. If it’s too tricky for little ones (or big ones) you can always park Pete and play the game stationary – although of course it’s not quite as much fun that way!

Both of these games would make great Christmas presents – we’ve certainly had a laugh trying them out!

Love Rachel ❤

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