Christmas Tree Toast

I fell in love with Unicorn spread earlier this year.  If you follow my posts you’ll know that I have a bit of a thing for superfood powders and I’m always on the hunt for ways to get them into my diet – ways other than smoothies!  Unicorn spread fulfilled all my pastel coloured, super food charged dreams and tasted amazing.  So I thought I’d try a festive version.

Now I’m a bit odd in that I like the taste of spirulina and wheatgrass so I can add spoonful after spoonful to get a really dark green and still enjoy the flavour.  Most people aren’t so keen on how these two powders taste when used liberally.  If you’re like most people then just add a little powder and get the rest of the green colour from food colouring gel or alternatively, have a pale green Christmas tree!

You will need

Thick toastie bread

Low fat cream cheese


Wheatgrass powder


Optional green food colouring paste


  • Add spirulina and a little wheatgrass powder to cream cheese and mix until fully combined.  Add more until you get your desired shade of green or top up tbe greenness with food colouring gel
  • Gently toast the bread on both sides
  • Cut into a large triangle
  • Spread thinly with the green cream cheese
  • Use a spoon, or in my case the handle of a spoon to brush branches of cheese onto your toast
  • Add a star and sprinkle with little balls and decorations

Christmas tree toast is really yummy and looks so festive.  You could maketeeny ones for a party, give someone a Christmasy surprise in their lunchbox or include it on a North Pole breakfast.

Love Rachel ❤

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