Christmas Wreath Grazing Board

I’ve been tagged in so many posts about Christmas grazing boards!  Anyone would think I have a thing for trays of yummy food 😁

Anyway I decided to make my own.  If you’d like to make something similar, here’s how.

Here’s what I used 

A selection of sliced meat such as parma ham, salami etc

Large and small green olives


Sunblush tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes


Purple grapes

Cocktail sticks



Large plate or tray

Ribbon to finish


I tried a few ways of creating a wreath shape and this is the best method I found.  You basically need to create lots of cocktail stick kebabs!  Think 1986 and your Mum’s made a hedgehog for your birthday party, except instead of pineapple and pickled onions, you’ve got skewers of delicious antipasta.

Try to make them in a tapered shape so that the bulkier foods are at one end and something small acts as a stopper at the other. This will make it easier to curve them around into a wreath.

If you pinch a slice of salami in the middle, it looks like a little bow.  You can also loosely roll parma ham and it looks a bit like a rose.

On a large plate or a tray, arrange the mini kebabs in a circle and garnish with Basil and Thyme. If you’re feeling fancy you can add a little bow to complete the wreath.

What do you think?

Love Rachel 🎄


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