Covid Isolation Without Covid

We’d have gotten away with it, were it not for these pesky kids!

It wasn’t their fault really.  Beth got a call from a colleague telling her they were poorly, with a positive Covid test and even though she’s had no contact from our ‘World beating’ 🙄 test and trace, she did the right thing and self isolated for two weeks.  One week into that we got a text from Dorothy’s school.

A child in Dorothy’s class had Covid and so she had to come home immediately and isolate for two weeks.  Oh and I had to teach her.

This is fine.  I feel perfectly capable and confident that I can do this.  We reprise our role as lunchtime storytellers and begin home school activities with much excitement.

Bethany reveals she might have possibly, regretfully hugged her friend with Covid the last time she saw them and Dorothy tells us that she played ‘lick tag’ with her poorly friend.  What is lick tag I hear you say?  Well apparently it’s just like normal tag except when you catch the person, you lick them.  Delightful.  We buy a better thermometer and watch (wait) for symptoms.

Their symptoms didn’t appear.  “The children have dodged Coronavirus!  Hallelujah!” is what I might have said, were it not for the fact that I was so tired.  In fact I was exhausted.  I felt like I had weights attached to my hands and feet, but still we persevere, right?  There are letters to be practiced, puppets to be made, number sheets to be worked on – we’ve stuff to do!

On Friday evening I started to feel a bit odd, but when I woke up on Saturday, my chest hurt and my headaches had become skull splitting.  That fancy new thermometer told me my temperature was 38.3 even with the full dose of paracetamol every four hours and every muscle ached.  I requested a home Covid test and waited for the cough to begin – but it never did.  I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath and every now and again my throat would tickle, but there was still no cough.

For the most part poor Dorothy had to fend for herself.  When I became poorly, Phill had to isolate and work from home and Beth, who had been released into the wild just 24 hours earlier, had to go back to studying in isolation – so they were both busy and frankly I was good for nothing.  Some days I stayed in bed with Dorothy sat next to me watching ‘educational programmes’ (don’t you dare judge me) and eating treats and snacks that she looted from the kitchen every time I drifted off – that kid will find biscuits no matter where you hide them.

Please forgive my terrifying gaze in this picture – I was really poorly.  I didn’t wash, dress or brush my hair for days and I must have been thrashing about with fever because my hair ended up a matted mess.  Thankfully I live with my best friend who very gently teased out the collosal tangles while I watched my 49256th episode of Peppa Pig.

My test came back negative and to be honest, nobody was more surprised than me!  Phill went back to work and I carried on being good for nothing 😂

Today was Dorothy’s release day – she’s out of isolation but still not back at school for another week because now it’s half term!  Today was also my first day up, dressed and out of the house and I feel much better for it.  I’m still feeling a bit odd – I’ve definitely been fighting with a virus of some sort, but I’m doing ok and I’m particularly glad that I don’t have to contain this one’s energy to the confines of our house any more.

I hope you’re keeping well, staying healthy and taking care of each other.

Love Rachel ❤️

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