Cranberry Bird Beads

At this time of year there’s precious little around for birds to eat.  I had some fresh cranberries left over from Christmas recipes and decided to give the birds a treat.

You will need

Fresh cranberries – frozen will be too mushy

Cotton thread (not polyester)



It really couldn’t be simpler!

  • Thread your first cranberry and then tie on.  This stops subsequent cranberries from falling off the string

  • Thread a handful of berries on to a length of about 15cm to make a little wreath or string them onto longer pieces of thread to make necklaces or garlands to drape amongst the branches.  Tiaras are another option 😂


  • I recommend threading them through the middle as opposed to threading them end to end.  Or as Dorothy describes it – ‘through their belly’.  Only mild serial killer vibes – nothing to worry about
  • When you have the length you want, thread the needle back through the first cranberry and tie in a tight knot

  • Snip the thread

This was a fun activity to do with Dorothy this afternoon and now the bird beads look so festive strung up in the trees of the fairy garden.   I really hope our feathered friends like them.

Love Rachel ❤️

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