Dear Me Last Year

Dear me last year

As you approach Christmas 2019 I want to give you a few words of advice.

First of all, trust your instincts.   You’ll see this coming and some people will think you’re over reacting.  But you’re not – you already know what to do.

Say yes to everything.   Every trip, every holiday, every party, every favour – say yes.  It’ll be alot but pretty soon you’ll find yourself with far more time on your hands than you’d like.

Take more photographs and be in more photographs – because by the end of 2020 you’ll look about 10 years older than you do at the beginning!  Take pictures now.

See the people you love.  Don’t wait until entire friendship or family groups are free, don’t put it off, don’t feel awkward – just get in the car/bus/train and go.  All those people you think about, worry about, care about – see them now.
And when it’s time to go home, hug everyone as though it’s the last time.

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Love Rachel ❤️


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