DIY Fairy Jars

Now that we’ve had a taste of sunshine, my thoughts are turning to summer.  To barbecues in the garden and drinks as the sun goes down.  To picnics in the park and searching for fairies in the woods.

If you want to bring a little bit of fairy magic into your home then why not make these sweet fairy jars. They make lovely decorations inside and outside and can even be used as night lights.

You Will Need

Battery powered candles

Empty jars with lids

Die cut fairies


White poster paint



Ribbons and flowers to decorate


  • Stick a fairy to the inside of each jar.
  • Dilute the paint two parts paint to one part water and sponge onto the outside of the jar.
  • Leave to dry and if required, add another layer of paint.
  • Allow to dry
  • Coat the jar in glue and sprinkle with glitter.
  • Pop a candle inside each jar and replace the lid.
  • Decorate the jars with ribbons and flowers.

Aren’t they pretty.  It’s hard to get a decent picture of them in the dark but even in daylight I love them!

Love Rachel ❤️



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  1. These fairy jars are so pretty. Magical even. I can’t wait to make some. Thanks for the idea.

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