Egg Shell Candles

Whether you celebrate Easter or Eostre, decorating at springtime means eggs.

Eggs are a symbol of fertility and the promise of new life.   Making these beautiful real egg candles is a perfect way to celebrate the return of lighter days.

You will need

*For the candles

Egg shells

Tea lights

Wax left over from spent candles

*Additional extras

Cardboard egg carton


Dried flowers


  • For the best finish, crack the eggs by tapping a knife in a cutting motion near to the top.  Tip out the egg to use in cooking and rinse them out
  • Place the egg shells in egg cups to keep them steady
  • Snap some tea lights in half and carefully remove the wicks and bases
  • Work with one egg at a time, placing a wick and base at the bottom of the shell
  • Place one tea light’s worth of wax in a small container
  • Heat in the microwave or over a pan of hot water until melted
  • Carefully pour the wax into the egg shell – try not to get wax on the end of the wick
  • Allow to set

It can be a bit tricky to light the candles – you might need to use a taper.

Love Rachel ❤️

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