Framed Brooch Display

How often do you wear brooches?  If you’re a vintage lover like me then you almost certainly have one or two in your collection.  But how often do they actually see the light of day?

I realised recently that I hadn’t even looked at my brooches in about a year, let alone worn any of them and the main reason (apart from the fact that Dorothy would likely rip them off as soon as look at them) was that I couldn’t see them.

Instead of having them on display, I stored my brooches and pins in a little China bowl on my dressing table.  So I just ‘forgot’ they were there.  I decided to make a display for them and here it is ?

You Will Need

A multi frame

Some thin wadding

Duct tape



Spray paint – I used gold


  • Remove the glass from the frame and spray with your chosen colour.
  • Replace the back board and draw around the edges of of each picture space.

  • Roughly cut some wadding to match each space and stick in place with duct tape (fold the duct tape over to make it double sided).

  • Lay the fabric over the board and secure in place with more duct tape.
  • Replace the frame and pin your brooches to your finished display.

What do you think?

Love Rachel ❤️