Heart-shaped Sugar Lumps

I’ve always loved pastels.  I know they haven’t always been considered stylish, but I don’t care.  Piles of anything in sugared almond hues, bring me so much joy!

So even though I don’t take sugar in my tea, I take great pleasure in this sweet Valentine’s craft.

You Will Need

Caster sugar (start with 200g)


Gel food colouring

Teeny tiny love heart cutter

Grease proof paper

A shallow dish or baking tray


  • Pop the sugar in a large bowl and add a tea spoonful of water at a time, stirring well until the sugar holds together.  You’re looking for the kind of consistency you’d need to build a sand castle
  • If you would like coloured sugar lumps like mine, then add the tiniest pin prick of gel food colouring before you press the sugar into a tray.  Otherwise leave plain
  • Press the sugar into a shallow dish or tray.  Try to create a depth of around 5-7mm

  • Use the cutter to make love hearts and gently transfer them onto the greaseproof paper to dry.

Anyone who says that these aren’t adorable is just wrong!

Love Rachel ❤️

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