Hedge Witch’s Broomstick

One day when I was out picking blackberries (I realise this sounds like the beginning of a 1950s Disney film but stay with me) an older lady stopped me and asked if I was collecting ingredients for a love potion. 😁 I said that I was making blackberry liqueur which perhaps could have the same effect if consumed in the right quantities!

I suppose there is something of the craft in foraging – watching the seasons, curating a pantry of natural ingredients and whipping up tasty treats and cures for all occasions.

It’s fitting then that this beautiful witch’s broomstick, the perfect non-spooky Halloween decoration, is made from found materials, dried herbs and flowers.

You Will Need

A large stick – at least shoulder height and relatively straight

A handful of thin twigs and stocks around 40-50cm long

Ivy – leaves removed

A selection of long stemmed dried herbs such as dill, rosemary, lavender, bay, sage, mint

Dried roses

Parcel tape



  • Dry your herbs and flowers by hanging upside down to preserve their shape.
  • Decide which end of the stick you want hidden and which side you would like on show.
  • Take the twigs and mage small bundles.
  • Lay them on the stick over lapping the end by around 5cm.
  • Secure with parcel tape.
  • Now turn the stick and do the same on the other side.
  • Turn again and add ivy, then herbs, turning all the time to make sure the brush builds up evenly.
  • Lastly add the roses and cover the parcel  tape by winding twine around a d around.

Stand back and admire your broom – or you know, go for a ride on it!  I stored my broom carefully and it came out every Autumn for 5 Autumn’s before it started to look a bit sorry for itself.  So this month, I’ll start collecting and drying flowers for a new one.

Love Rachel ❤️

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