Hot Chocolate Baubles

I love simple Christmas crafts.  I think the run up to the festivities can be a bit much for everyone, especially children and little activities like making these hot chocolate baubles are great for keeping them busy.

You Will Need

Two clear baubles

Hot chocolate powder

White mini marshmallows

Ribbon or twine

Brown pipe cleaner

Sterilising solution

Sharpie pens and white glass marker or chalk pen

Or puffy paint, glue and buttons


  • Baubles aren’t made with food in mind so you need to start by making sure that they’re clean.  Because you can’t really put boiling water in them, the best way is to make up some sterilising solution and fill them up.  Rinse well and leave to dry completely
  • Fill one bauble with hot chocolate powder and the other with mini marshmallows
  • On one bauble draw or stick on a carrot nose and draw xoal eyes and mouth
  • On the other bauble draw or stick on a nose and draw eyes and twist a pipe cleaner around the neck t
  • Thread on some ribbon or twine and you’re done

I think these are so cute and they’d be lovely presents for children to make for their friends.

Love Rachel ❤


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