How To Make Face Masks Without A Sewing Machine

Now that another new Covid variant has reared it’s head  face masks are likely to become mandatory again.  So why not make your own.  Make sure you wash them after every use and these simple masks will be just the job.

I’m becoming more and more comfortable with my sewing machine but that wasn’t always the way.  I’ve always loved to make things so I’ve become a dab hand at hand sewing things as simply as possible.  If you don’t have a sewing machine or if you haven’t quite made friends with it, here’s a simple way to make a facemask without one.

You will need 

Lightweight cotton fabric

Elastic or ribbons

A dinner plate

Needle and thread


  • Prewash your fabric.  I made the mistake of not doing this and the fabric shrank after making 😭
  • Draw around the dinner plate and cut out leaving no seam.

  • Fold the circle in half and cut down the fold.

  • Place the semi-circles right sides together and using small stitches, sew together along the curved edge, leaving about a 3cm/1 inch gap.

  • Now fold the two seams together so create a new curve.  The curve I’ve pinned on the picture.

  • Using small stiches sew along this edge completely.  You now have a strange beanbag type shape.
  • Turn the mask right side out using the little gap you left.  Use a pencil to push out all the edges and corners out.

  • Press the mask.  As you can see I tend to skip this step 😂
  • Sew up the little gap inside using small stitches

  • Fold in the two corners and press.

  • Sew a line to create a channel.
  • Feed elastic or ribbon down that channel and tie to fit your ears

These masks are a snug fit so you may want to use a larger plate for larger faces.  You can also make children’s masks by decreasing the circle size.

I know you could wear a scarf but to me these are a much better solution as they’re less likely to slip.  And if you choose fun fabrics, they don’t need to be quite so scary.

Love Rachel ❤️

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