Lapland Care Packages

The flight from the UK to Finland is around 3 hours, plus around 38263091 hours waiting around in airports.  When we visited Rovaniemi in November 2022, we had three young children with us (and Beth 😊), as we travelled with our friends, the Hewitts.  It was important for us to keep the children entertained so that they and the other passengers could have a good flight, but we also found a few treats that made the journey extra special.  Here’s what we packed.

Elf eye masks

We got these self-warming masks from Sensory Retreats.  They were great for calming busy minds on the flight and even when they weren’t wearing them over their eyes, the children said they loved having them on their faces.


Kids get sticky – they just do.  I don’t normally like wipes but these biodegradable ones came in really useful on the flight!

Colouring book

I picked up some activity packs for just £1 each.  Full of fun things to do and right on brand for a festive trip.

Power pack

Since we brought the children’s iPads (Christmas films pre-downloaded of course), I thought it was wise to bring some extra battery power!


It’s always good to bring along a few snacks.  Firstly you know what your children like to eat but secondly, aeroplane food costs a fortune!

Snuggly sweatshirt

We got matching sweatshirts for the children.  It made it so much easier to keep an eye on the littlest members of our group.

ID Bracelets

Giddy children + lots of people x grown ups with many of plates to spin = lots of opportunities for getting lost.  I popped these in the children’s care packages so that we could.ensure that they had purchased information should they need to ask for help.


Even though children love tech, there’s nothing like sitting and listening to a story and this one is just lovely.  It made them really excited about the adventure that was just about to begin.

Pillow case

You’ll probably want to wear your bulky jackets in the flight to save space in your suitcase, but once your on the plane they  an be stuffed into the pillow case.  This keeps them tidy and creates a make shift pillow for the flight.

All of this, plus a large glass of wine in the airport made for a nice relaxing flight 🤣

Love Rachel 🎄

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