Lilac Infused Honey

I think honey is one of the most incredible foods in the World.  This recipe doesn’t improve on the perfection of honey, it just gives it a little extra layer of flavour.

You can  use infused honey however you would use plain honey.   It’s delicious in baking, stirred into coconut yoghurt or as a sweetener for delicate teas.

But I think fluffy pancakes drizzled with lilac infused honey and scattered with fresh lilac are a particularly special seasonal treat.

You will need

Fresh lilac

Clear honey

Clean glass jars


  • Remove the lilac flowers from their stem and place in clean jars
  • Keep going until the jars are just over half full
  • Pour over honey.  You’ll need to keep topping up the jar for a few minutes while the honey makes it’s way through the flowers
  • Allow to infuse for at least three days and up to a couple of weeks before using
  • Stir the honey every now and again when you remember
  • You can strain out the flowers using a seive or leave them in there as they’re edible

Unlike Lilac Sugar which tends to lose its colour after a little while, infused honey will keep for months.

Love Rachel ❤

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