Love Heart Tea Bags

Nothings says “you’re my cup of tea” like these super cute, DIY love heart shaped tea bags ❤️

They’re a bit of a labour of love (see what I did there) but ultimately, this is a very easy to make gift for that special tea drinker in your life.  You probably already have the materials and all you need to add is a bit of flair.

You Will Need

Loose leaf tea

Coffee filters

Cotton thread



  • Helpfully coffee filters are already folded in half, so leave them like that
  • Draw a love heart shape.  I used a cookie cutter to draw around.  Draw it close to edge
  • Roughly cut out the shape, ensuring the two sides are still attached
  • Carefully pour a teaspoonful of tea leaves into the bag

  • Using cotton thread, sew the two pieces together with small stitches.  Leave about 5mm seam
  • Trim the love heart, making sure you remove all of the pen marks
  • Sew on a length of butcher’s string or embroidery thread and add an embellishment to the end

  • Store as you would normal teabags.  You could gift wrap them lots of ways.  I’ve used a vintage glass butter dish, but tissue paper or a little cardboard box would be just as sweet.

If you don’t have a Valentine, why not celebrate someone else you love.

Love Rachel ❤️

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