Magic Space Pictures

Today Dorothy’s teacher has set a theme of ‘the man in the moon’.  My little student has struggled to keep her attention on the task at hand.  Rather than getting frustrated, I tried to improvise a craft activity that would be a reward once she’d finished her writing and number work.  Paint is always exciting!

We had a few paper plates hanging around from back in the day when the world was simpler and we had things like picnics and BBQs.  We put them to good use and imagined what the man in the moon would see if he looked out of the window.

 You will need

Paper plates

Wax crayons

Thin dark blue or black paint (I watered down some poster paint)

Metallic pens (optional)




  • Fold a paper plate in half but don’t crease firmly
  • Cut out shapes to create a window
  • Colour in the window with metallic pens
  • On another plate draw stars in white or maybe some planets or even another moon (we’ve had some serious scientific questions in our house today about how many Earths there are!)

  • Now you can use thin paint to wash over the other plate.  ‘Magically’ the stars will show up
  • Lay the window frame plate over the night sky plate
  • You could stick the window frame down or perhaps create some other sky plates showing different views

Have you been lockdown home-schooling?  What have you been doing?

Love Rachel ❤️




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