Mrs P – But With Orange Hair

I’ve dyed my hair orange.   No not ginger- orange.

I’ve been blonde for a long time.  I have moments every now and again where I go strawberry blonde for a season or perhaps a warm brown, but for the most part, I’m blonde and have been since I was about 20.

I was due a trip to the salon when I caught Covid and while I’ve been getting better very slowly, my hair seems to be growing very quickly!  My roots were obscene, but wait, there’s more.  My roots were snapping.

While the ends of my hair were pretty much unchanged, my roots seemed brittle and dull.  I’m told this isn’t uncommon amongst people who have been poorly with Covid.  It’s happened to a few of friends who have had to cut their hair off, but I didn’t feel like it was quite that bad.  Nevertheless I didn’t think adding bleach to my roots was a good idea, however skilled my hairdresser (and she is very skilled!).  So I decided to buy a gentle home dye that would cover the blonde and add enough colour to my dark roots to disguise them.

I chose to add myself to a great many fabulous orange haired ladies and I have no regrets!

Truly this is the first time I’ve coloured my hair at home, looked in the mirror and thought ‘yes!!’

Now I join a tremendous collection of tangerine Queens, past and present.

Fun fact – orange is my favourite colour.  I’m told there was a time when I would only wear orange clothes and eat orange food.  This apparently resulted in my turning a bit orange and developing a childhood allergy to oranges.  Although I still think they just told me that so I wouldn’t eat them all the time!

Love Rachel ❤

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  1. Ohh! Your hair looks fabulous.
    Over the past couple of years I have been all sorts of colours. Blues, pinks, green, red but I have always been scared to go orange. I think I might need to give it a try x

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