My Favourite Scary Movies For Halloween

We all find different things scary but I have to admit, I tend to find horror films a bit funny  – apart from the original Poltergeist and Candyman, both of which chill me to my core.  I just find fault with the prosthetics and logic in the movies that are supposed to be frightening.

On top of not being very scary, I’m afraid my list isn’t very refined or vintage either.   Most of my favourite films for Halloween are family friendly as they’re from my childhood and my teens.  They’re 80s, 90s and early 00s associated and I’m not sorry 🤣

What is your favourite film to watch around Halloween?

Love Rachel 🎃

Ps. Can’t believe I missed off Edward Scissorhands!


  1. I am not a fan of really scary films. The Ring put me off horrors but I love most of the films you mentioned. I still haven’t seen the new version of The Witches but I did love the old one x

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