Threenager – Please Tell Me It’s Just A Phase

Is anyone else going through a somewhat ‘challenging’ period with their three year old?

Ours has adopted the following phrases:

“I need you to stop”.  Dorothy will use this troubling statement to try and prevent us from speaking to or touching her, speaking to or touching anyone else, eating our own food, smiling, basically doing anything at all that displeases her.

it’s easy to lose track when you shout FFS in your head 292729472 times a day

“That’s not kind”.  This is generally directed at us when we tell her no or that she is doing something unkind.

“I don’t like *insert name of innocent bystander here*”.  She tends to say this when she’s fed up of being somewhere or has an idea of somewhere else she’d like to be.  It can be rather embarassing as she usually chooses someone who is stood right in front of her!

I know deep down that this is just a phase – that she’s probably going through a developmental leap and is simply testing boundaries.  But I’ve got to a point where I don’t even know where those boundaries are anymore.  It’s easy to lose track of things when you shout FFS in your head 292729472 times a day ??

She actually used the phrase “it’s not fair” when I said it was time to wash off her delightful make up!

Please tell me I’m not the only one?

Love Rachel ❤️

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