Potato Print Christmas Cards

I like old school crafts but this one takes me right back to when I was at school.  I don’t know why I’ve never done it with her before because Dorothy LOVED potato printing.  In fact so did Beth and Daddy and between them they’ve made over 50 of these little beauties.

Since we won’t be able to spend time with our loved ones this Christmas, we’ll be sending more Christmas cards than usual and they may aswell be cards that have been made with love.  Each card probably cost around 12p and because they took a few days to make (drying time needed) they provide a fun activity to keep children (and teenagers and grown ups) busy over a wet weekend in lockdown.

You will need

Blank cards and envelopes

Green poster paint



Decorations such as shiny stars, jewels, pom poms or glitter


Making a potato stamp is very simple but there are some top tips

  • Create a flat edge by taking a thin slice off the flattest part of your potato
  • Now use a paring knife to mark out a triangle
  • Carefully remove the potato that’s outside of the triangle
  • Dry the potato
  • Allow to sit for around 5 minutes and then dry again
  • When it comes to the paint, less is more.  Squirt out a little bit into a plate or you could always brush the paint onto the triangle.

We might add some glittery tinsel but for now, we’re really happy with them and hopefully the recipients are too.

Love Rachel ❤️

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