Potion Making

I remember as a little girl, mixing water with whatever flowers I could find and hiding the resulting perfume or potion (mood dependent) in my bedroom until it went mouldy and smelly!

Cherry blossoms were a big favourite of mine, although they were the quickest to turn brown and slimy.  Lavender of course made for the best result, but I wasn’t too proud to use hedge leaves 😂

Despite the often yucky final product, there’s alot to be said for the process of potion making.

Collecting ingredients – noting the shape and smell of petals and leaves.

Chopping and mashing – either carefully or as Dorothy prefers, violently!

Choosing and mixing – adding bits and pieces and checking the smell and colour with each addition.

Imagination – coming up with ideas of what your potion might do.  Might it turn people into frogs?

The moment Beth saw the tray of herbs and flowers, a bowl and mixing spoons, she knew exactly what activity was on the cards – such are her happy memories of potion making.

You Will Need

A selection of petals, leaves, herbs

Water or rose water for extra fragrance

Lemon juice for colour change magic

Spoon, bowl, jug, scissors

This is a great activity at this time of year. Gardens and parks are being trimmed back ahead of the cold weather and so there’s no harm in picking flowers and herbs.  And it’s an activity of two parts so you can fill a whole afternoon!

Love Rachel ❤️

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