Rainbow Hearts

It’s been challenging trying to find activities to keep Dorothy busy during lockdown.  Like her namesake, she’s drawn to rainbows and with Valentine’s Day coming up I thought these would fill a rainy afternoon at home 😁

You will need

Coloured A4 card or thick paper




  • Cut the card into 2.5cm wide strips along the long side.  So you should have a collection of strips that are around 21 cm in length

  • You need six strips for each heart.  Once you’ve chosen them, cut 2.5cm off two of them and 5cm off two of them

  • Stack the strips with the coloured side facing up, like this – short, medium, long
  • Then with the coloured side facing down – long, medium, short
  • If you’d like to attach multiple hearts together to make a garland, you should add a 3cm strip to middle, between the two long strips
  • Staple one end through all six strips
  • Fold the strips around to create a heart shape
  • Staple through the other end of the six strips

Ta da!   We had lots of fun making these rainbow hearts.

Love Rachel ❤️


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