Retro Christmas Light Garland

I can’t say no to a bargain.  When I saw these Christmas light necklaces on sale for £1.50 in January, I picked up a couple straight away.

They were fun but they weren’t that nice really.  The wire was a really bright green that clashed with the other colours and when I tried to switch them on, half of the bulbs didn’t light up!  But the shape was good – like the retro Christmas lights in all my favourite festive movies – and I knew I could make them beautiful.


You Will Need

2 Christmas light necklaces

Some skinny tinsel

Gold spray paint

Spray sealant (optional)

Different coloured paints


  • Take the bulbs apart
  • Remove the wire
  • Spray the ‘cups’ gold
  • Lay the bulb halves flat side down
  • Paint the bulbs – they may require a couple of coats
  • Allow to dry completely
  • Clip the bulb halves back together
  • Spray with sealant (optional)
  • Lay the tinsel in a bulb cup and click the bulb back into it
  • Continue to attach the bulbs leaving the same distance between each one

I used a selection of paints I had left over from other projects.  The coral is Valspar, the blue is Wilkinson’s and the green and dusky pink are Frenchic.

I LOVE how these turned out.  They look absolutely gorgeous in Dorothy’s room and I’m going to make lots more!

Love Rachel ❤

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