Rudolph Milkshake

For this Christmas treat I’ve used ready made chocolate milkshake.  The idea I’m writing about here is the bottle decoration which I’m sure you’ll agree, is mega cute!

I had some little red pom poms and I thought about using those as red noses instead of smarties.  But if I did that then I’d be throwing pom poms away every time we made Rudolph milkshake.  Using smarties was less wasteful and more delicious!

You will need

Small glass bottles

Brown pipe cleaners

Red smarties

Chocolate chips


  • Place a pipe cleaner around the neck of each bottle.  Twist to secure
  • Take the two ‘tails’ and curl to create antlers
  • Melt a few chocolate chips and use the melted chocolate to stick a smartie on to each bottle
  • Fill with chocolate milk shake and add a straw

It’s such a simple idea but children will love it.  This idea would be great as part of a North Pole Breakfast.  What do you think?

Love Rachel ❤

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