Skittles Rainbow Experiment

Today in lockdown home school, we made a love heart rainbow out of skittles. I’m not sure what we learned from this but I told Dorothy it was a science lesson and she was thrilled.

Why not have a go yourself.

You will need






  • Around the edge of your plate, lay a row of skittles
  • Make sure they’re in the same order all the way round
  • Take a jug of cold water and pour into the middle of the plate.  You need just enough water to touch the skittles but not so much that they’re swimming around in it
  • Watch closely.  The rainbow starts slowly but then everything happens very quickly!

If like me you currently find yourself home schooling – I salute you!  Dorothy and I have decided to reprise our roles as storytellers on my Facebook page.  I hope you’ll join us.

Love Rachel ❤️

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