Snowman Poop Party Favours

I think we all love those ‘assembly only’ crafts and this one doesn’t disappoint!

Snowman poop has to be one of my favourite after dinner treats…..

…ok so they’re Tictacs, but they’re still cute right??

Sure to be welcomed by Frozen fanatics and lovers toilet humour, a little bag of snowman poop would make a great favour, Christmas dinner place setting, stocking filler or even a cheap Secret Santa present.

This is a great job for children (you may have to sniff their breath afterwards to check how much ‘poop’ was consumed) and each bag costs just pennies to make.

You Will Need

A small cellophane bag.  I’m using up the bags I already have.  Once they’re gone I’ll make little bags or boxes out of paper.

Small parcel tags

Stamps or a nice pen

Sparkly ribbon or pipe cleaner

Half a box of Tictacs per favour

I think you can probably work the rest out for yourself!

Love Rachel ❤️

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