Spider’s Eyes Headband

It didn’t effect me while I was making this headband, nor when it was sat drying but …

…the moment it was on Dorothy’s head, this googly Halloween headband triggered a case of trypophobia that I didn’t even know I was suffering from!

Honestly this thing may be cool but it gives me the heeby jeebies!  If you also suffer, maybe consider using the larger googly eyes!!

What IS great about this craft though is that it’s quick, easy, requires no sewing or special purchases and it makes a semi-creepy rattling noise 🤣

You will need

A selection of googly eyes

White felt

Fabric glue

PVA glue

Head band


  • Fold your felt in half and cut two identical ovals.

  • Using the PVA glue, stick googly eyes all over one over.
  • Cover this oval with PVA – eyes and all!
  • Allow to dry completely
  • Position the ‘googly eye oval’ where you would like it on the headband.
  • Stick the blank oval to the back using fabric glue, sandwiching the headband between the two ovals
  • Allow to dry completely
  • Add eyes to any gaps and trim any edges.

Simple and effective, this would make a great finishing touch to a Halloween outfit or a little nod in a spooky direction all on it’s own.

Love Rachel 🕷️

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