Sugar Plum Fairy Milk Shake

My snowman milk bottles were so cute that I wanted to come up with something similar but pink!  The skirts are made from scrunchies so they’re entirely reusable and you can slide the fairy wings off the top of the bottles to use again.

You will need

Mini milk bottles

2x silver pipe cleaners per bottle

Pink scrunchies

Pink paper straws

Pink candy floss



  • Thoroughly clean the bottles
  • Slide a scrunching on to each bottle and position about half way up
  • Twist one pipe cleaner into a an ‘8’ shape
  • Wrap the second pipe cleaner around the neck of the bottle, twisting to secure
  • Hook the ‘8’ on to the two ends of the second pipe cleaner
  • Twist the ends and create a small ‘B’
  • Fill the bottle with candy floss
  • When you’re ready to serve the milk shake, pour milk into the bottle of candy floss and stir with a paper straw

What do you think?  I think these are adorable and would be amazing for a Nutcracker theme, North Pole breakfast, a ballet party or a treat for someone who loves fairies and pink milk 😊

Love Rachel ❤

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