Thyme and Dandelion Tea

This recipe couldn’t be simpler.  In fact is less of a recipe and more of an idea.

You can take any edible flowers and leaves and use them to make tea.  This was a tea made by Dottie right at the beginning of lock down when home school lessons were still full of wonder and enthusiasm.  It feels like 10 years since then.

It was delicious.  We sat in the garden sipping from tea cups and having a bloomin’ lovely time.  Now she’s full of ideas for her next concoction.

We used a special tea pot that infuses water but you can simply make it up in a normal teapot and use a tea-strainer.

We took a handful of dandelions, petals only and about five tips of thyme.  Just the little flowers and the tip few leaves.  We added a half teaspoon of honey to the pot and let it sit for five minutes before pouring.

Love Rachel ❤️

Love Rachel❤️

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