Tinsel Pipe Cleaner Crowns

There’s something about tinsel pipe cleaners that screams mid-century crafting.  I love discovering home made decorations from the 50s and 60s – usually falling apart and mis-shapen but full of charm.

This is the quickest of pound shop crafts.  No special equipment required and you can make crowns for everyone in the family.

Why not enjoy a regal family dinner one night or let the littlest do everyone’s make up like we did – because why not?

You will need

5 pipe cleaners




  • For children, attach two pipe cleaners by bending the ends over to hook them together

  • Do the same at the other end to make a circle
  • For adults, cut one pipe cleaner in half.  Use this half and two other pipe cleaners to make your circle
  • The remaining pipe cleaners should be bent in half and then in half again to make two points – an M shape.  The half pipe clean should be bent into one point
  • Twist one end of the M shape into your crown.  Then loop the downward point underneath the crown and then twist.  The last point can now be twisted onto the crown
  • Be mindful that you bend the ends outwards so that the crown sits comfortably and doesn’t scratch the wearer
  • Repeat with the other two pipe cleaners (or one and half for grown ups) until you’ve used up all t pphe points

If you like you could add more points make a complete crown.  It just depends how regal you’re feeling I guess!

Love Rachel ❤️

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