Valentines Hand Painted Candles DIY

I know its early for Valentine’s crafts but I’m already missing Christmas decorations and want something pretty to look at!

I don’t usually decorate much for Valentine’s Day, but I’ve always got my eye out for ways to make our home more festive all year round.  I thought these pretty candles would add a cute touch to our mantlepiece or dining table.  They’re inexpensive and require no special equpment – so that’s a double win!

You Will Need

Red candles

Pink acrylic paint

Fine paintbrush

Nail polish remover


  • Start by rubbing the candles with nail polish remover.  This just takes off any residue that might prevent the paint from sticking
  • Allow to dry
  • Mix yourself some pink acrylic paint
  • Carefully paint on some tiny love hearts leaving equal gaps between each one
  • Allow to dry
  • Paint another layer on each heart
  • Allow to dry a second time

What do you think?  Do you like having candlelight in your home?

Love Rachel ❤

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