What Is Fairy Bread

I’ve never bothered with North Pole Breakfasts.  Even as I saw more and more people posting about them on Instagram, even as the Pinterest posts stacked up, I thought nope – not doing it.  Then 2020 came along and I became someone that would do ANYTHING to make life a bit less rubbish.

I decided to bite the bullet and create a North Pole Breakfast.  My friend Pia suggested Fairy Bread and after a bit of research I discovered that sprinkling 100s and 1000s on bread is an Australian delicacy.  Not wishing to destroy a national dish, I consulted my Aussie, Ms Kiki DeVille.

So I made fairy bread – the Australian kid’s party staple.  When Kiki said lots of butter I figured she meant butter right to the edges so that’s what I did.

I would do ANYTHING to make life a bit less rubbish

I tried a few methods to get the 100s and 1000s nearly on the bread and the best method seems to be to pour them on to the bread and then shake the excess on to a plate.  After that you cut into triangles.

So what does it taste like?  Well…..it tastes……’sprinkly’. 😂  Although it wouldn’t be my first choice of breakfast for me or the girls, there’s something to be said for the sweet crunchiness of it all and don’t tell the Aussies but I’m thinking of trying out a few other types of spread and sprinkle 😁

Love Rachel ❤️

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