If You’re Going Through Hell – Keep Going

“If you’re going through hell, keep going”.

2017 has been a bit of a shocker for us. We’ve had some happy times of course, but the last few months have been, well, challenging to say the least!
Every time I thought that we’d had our share of bad luck, that things couldn’t get worse – they did.

But we kept going and we weren’t alone.

When we realised we’d have to clean and redecorate our whole house, our friends came armed with paintbrushes and cleaning products and we kept going.

When we had to throw away every scrap of food in the kitchen and even our boiled water tasted bad, we found a little kettle and a box of tea bags on our doorstep and we kept going.

When we forgot to stop and eat, our friends delivered homemade soup, dhal, brownies, cookies and cake, and we kept going.

When even clean socks in closed drawers were sooty, our friends, family and neighbours took bags full of laundry home to wash and dry and we kept going.

When the fumes were such that we couldn’t let the children sleep at home for two weeks, we were taken on by our family and Beth’s friend’s families and we kept going.

When we realised we weren’t covered by insurance, we received gift vouchers and discounts and one friend even set up a GoFundMe page and we kept going.

When the dust settled (literally) and we moved back into a chaotic house, the sheer volume of work hit home. Then a beautiful bunch of flowers arrived to remind us that we hadn’t been forgotten and we kept going.

The kindness, the love, the generosity, the sheer goodness of people has been more overwhelming than the bad luck could ever have been.

They kept coming and so we could keep going.

So we’re starting this year in a funny old place.  We still have no kitchen, the soot is still seeping through the white paint on the ceilings and we’re all a bit weary from Norovirus which stopped us from enjoying our Christmas Day microwave meal ? (you really have to laugh!)

But…I got to feel something that alot of people are never lucky enough to experience.  I got to know that I am so loved.  I know I have amazing friends who will and have gone above and beyond to help us if we need it, I know that we have the support of my family and I know that never, never in my whole life will I allow myself to feel alone again.

And there are other positives.  Whilst it was unplanned, unfinanced and possibly the most stressful event we’ve experienced, pretty soon we’ll have a new kitchen and fully redecorated home!

So really, despite the situation we find ourselves in, we begin the new year in an enviable position.  We’ve found our tribe, we’re making Rose Cottage feel more like home than it ever has and I’m so excited to see what happens next!

Happy New Year everyone.

Love Rachel ❤️





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