Adding a Pumpkin to Our Patch

Well, I did say that I would try to tick off a lot of the items in my bucket list before I turn 40 next year – and I meant it!  But even I’m shocked by our big news

Mr P and I winning a prize after ordering our pram!

After so many years of infertility, it’s hard to accept that once again we’ve been lucky enough to become pregnant, but we have!  And for a person who shares their lunch on social media, it’s surprised even me that we’ve taken so long to announce.  But here we are – due in Spring 2024 and I still can’t quite believe it!

We announced baby number three with the video below and the picture above.  We had no choice really as the pram shop had posted our picture online and ‘outed’ us.  We didn’t mind really – it was the push we needed and there was such a reaction to then that my phone overheated!  We really are blessed to be surrounded by so much love.  Amongst the absolute wave of congratulations we’ve received a few questions and the main one being whether or not this was a surprise…..

…its was not!

In early January 2023, on oyr way to collect Dorothy from an after school club, Phill suddently stopped the car and said he needed to talk to me about something.

I told him I was too tired for a divorce so not to ask me for one 🤣

Phill said that he thought we dhould consider having another baby.  This statement came with a couple of caveats!

I’d wanted another baby for years and Phill had been the one saying no.  I hadn’t brought ut up for ages and had resigned myself to a new season of life, looking forward to white sofas and cruises.  Phill acknowledged that.

I’d had a rough time health wise during 2022 and pregnancy would put strain on my body.  Phill acknowledged that.

I was about to turn 39, meaning thatbid be nearer to or even over 40 when the baby would be born.  Phill acknowledged that too!

Ultimately he said, it was my choice, but if I was willing, he’d love for us to bring another amazing child in to the world.

I took a couple of weeks to think and sought advice from a trusted person – my little brother who hilariously told me to flip a coin!  Its not quite as flippant a piece of advice as it sounds and probably deserves its own wee post on here to explain.

Any way, after a little time to think, we decided that perhaps the Palmers ought be a family of five and thankfully, thw Universe agreed.

Love Rachel ❤️



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