Eating Like I Actually LIKE Myself

I have a terrible sweet tooth and an unhealthy relationship with carbs.  Dairy makes me bloated but I eat it anyway and I probably only drink enough water to sustain the health of a small rabbit.


I recently met a nutritionist and her first instruction was to write down everything I eat for two weeks.

After two days my complete embarassment at what my diet has become, stopped me from writing anymore.

This was not the food diary of a person who loves themself.  For the most part I’ve been lunging from one sugar high to the next and stuffing my face with carbs because frankly it’s cheap and it’s convenient.

If I’d enjoyed every bite then I’d own it, but to be honest, alot of the food I’ve been eating hasn’t even tasted that good!  It’s not worth it!

No more!

It’s time to start taking my own advice and treating mealtimes like sacred rituals.  Beautiful plates, visually appealing recipes and food that nourishes.

Day one was a simple meal of salad leaves tomatoes, cucumber and spring onions, topped with a little wholemeal pasta, goats cheese and chicken griddled with smoked paprika.  I sprinkled the whole lot with chive flowers because they’re gorgeous and taste amazing.

It’ll take a little adjustment but I’d love you to come along on this journey with me.

Join my group The Marvellous Life where we’ve been sharing pictures of our dinner.  No judgement, no competition, just lots of inspiring pictures and recipes to help you to enjoy your food like never before.

Love Rachel ❤️

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