Casdon Wooden Easel Review

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I’ve always been a bit arty – I studied art to A Level and often wish I’d taken it further.
My hope was always that my children would be the same way inclined and it’s certainly been the case with Beth.  Her GCSE artwork is absolutely beautiful.  Awash with bright colours and intricate webs of line drawings – more delicate than I could ever hope to create.
Looking at it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

the youngest Miss Palmer likes to have the right equipment

Dorothy is something of a wildling and although she loves the messiness of arts and crafts (I mean what’s not to love right!?) she’s never really wanted to stay still long enough to make a picture.
It turns out that the youngest Miss Palmer just likes to have the right equipment, because the moment I put an easel infront of her, she became a little Picasso!

Perhaps she finds it easier to stand up rather than sit still?  I don’t know, but I was astonished by the things she drew.  Faces – basic ones of course but with arms and legs sticking out and even hair and fingers.

it’s a proper classic wooden toy

I’ve honestly tried so hard to coax these things out of her but she was never interested.  What’s even more wonderful is that since she began to draw and paint on the easel, her interest in drawing on cards, colouring books (walls, herself) and on paper seems to have been piqued.  Now there’s no stopping her!

This easel from Casidon, is a lovely piece of equipment.  It has a chalk board on one side and a magnetic white board on the other and both sides have clips so that you can hang paper on them.  I love this element of the design because it’s helping to teach Dottie about different surfaces and how they work.

Underneath is a shelf for crayons, chalks and paint pots, all of which come with the easel (specifically 2 paint paint pots, whiteboard pens, chalk).

It’s the perfect height for Dottie right now but I think it’ll be good for another couple of years and it’s certainly sturdy enough to last that long.  It’s a proper classic wooden toy.

My only criticism of the easel is that it doesn’t fold up, meaning it’s not as easy to store as it might have been.  That said, the lack of folding parts made it very easy to assemble and I suppose given how boisterous my little Picasso can be, it’s probably best to avoid anything she might trap her fingers in!  It’s well priced too, selling for £20-30 depending on where you purchase.

I see us using this toy for years to come.  Whether we’re creating masterpieces or signs for puppet shows or even climbing frames for chickens ?

Love Rachel ❤️

*Gifted item

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