Easter Bunny Milkshake

These chocolately treats are really fun make.  You don’t actually make the milkshake – you just make a pretty, edible treat to drink it from.

You will need

Choclate bunnies

Reduced fat cream cheese

Chocolate milkshake

Superfood powders such as pink pitaya powder, turmeric, wheatgrass, blue Pea flower

Icing sugar (optional)


  • Combine cream cheese with a little superfood powder u til you get the colours you want
  • Have a taste and if you prefer a sweeter taste, add a pinch of icing sugar
  • Heat a knife using hot water and use it to cut off the very tip of the bunny’s ear.  Sorry bunny
  • Pipe the coloured cream cheese on to your chocolate bunny
  • Carefully pour chocolate milkshake in to the bunny’s ear
  • Add a straw and you’re done

What do you think?  I think they’re adorable.

Love Rachel ❤️

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