Shrek the Musical UK Tour

Once upon a time, in a land far, far up north, there lived a little girl named Dottie.

Tired of traditional fairytales where damsels are in distress, heroes wear shining armour and everyone is beautiful (unless of course they’re a baddie) – Dottie longed for a different kind of story.

She asked her big sister Beth for advice.  Beth told her of a magical tale with characters she would truly relate to.  She told Dottie “you are as sassy as Princess Fiona, as funny as Donkey and as tall as Lord Farquad.  The tale you’re searching for is that of Shrek.”

Thankfully the sisters didn’t need to travel far to see Shrek because the musical was on tour and currently showing at The Palace Theatre in Manchester.  So on a cold and drizzly evening, they took their parents to see itThe theatre was bathed in a green glow as the seats filled and Dottie’s family became increasingly worried that she wouldn’t sit still.  Then the show bagan and much to everyone’s delight, Dottie was transfixed, right up until the interval!

When the curtain dropped Dottie got quite upset. “More!” She shouted, “more Shrek please!”  Beth explained that Shrek would need a toilet break but that he’d be back soon for more singing.

The production is a joyous and funny as the film and dare I say, even more camp!  The sets are incredible, the costumes inspired and each character is more lovable than the next.  It’s even difficult to truly dislike Lord Farquad once you understand his troubled heritage ?

While a lot of the jokes will have gone over the heads of younger Theatre goers, the adults were largely watching through tears, as one belly laugh followed another!

By the time the interval was over, Dottie was starting to get a bit fidgety.  It was of course way past her bedtime.  As she’s seen Shrek the Musical once before, Dottie’s Mummy volunteered to take her to relax in the bar, but they returned for the final scenes.

As I’m a Believer, the final glorious song played, Dorothy stood at the back of the theatre, open mouthed with both hands in the air.  She clapped and cheered and once again shouted more!  She loved Shrek and has been demanding more ever since!

We love the theatre and have been lucky enough to see some of the best shows around.  Shrek is right up there in terms of quality and is definitely the funniest musical I’ve ever seen.  I’d recommend it to everyone but especially people who are new to the theatre.  This is a production that you’re sure to love so much that you might make a habit of it!

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What’s the best show you’ve ever seen?

Love Rachel ❤️



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