10 Things To Do With Children On New Year’s Eve

I’ve never really gone out out on New Year’s Eve.  One time I scraped a couple of hours but I was watching the clock the whole time.  I’ve been a Mum since I was a teenager and babysitters are pretty scarce on NYE.  We’ve hosted and attended some brilliant child friendly parties but for the past few years, with Covid and everything else going round, we’ve stayed in and made our own fun on the last night of the year.

Just in case you’re in the same boat for whatever reason, I thought I’d share some ideas that will bring a little sparkle to your night in.

1. Dress up

Even though you’re staying at home, you could get dressed up in your best party clothes.  You could even dress up in fancy dress

2. Make party hats

Party hats are fun to make using whatever crafty bits you have around.  But if you’d rather avoid glue, why not make some tinsel crowns

3. Draw pictures of each other

You may discover you have a mini-Picasso in the house – or  you may not 🤣 But you’re sure to have a giggle

4. Enjoy fancy food and drink

Bake a beautiful cake, treat yourself to some delicious appetisers and design some mocktails.  Use your best plates – it is a party after all

5. Share memories

Take it in turns to share your best memories of the past year.  I know it’s been another awful 12 months but we have to hold on to those moments of happiness.

6. Make wishes

Grown ups and older children may find it really useful to set intentions for the new year and younger children will just like making wishes.  Expect lots of requests for sweets but prepare to be surprised by what children wish for.  You could add birthday candles to your celebration food and blow them out when you wish, or create something special to share like these walnut wishes

7. Make up

Doing each other’s face paint, temporary tatoos, nail varnish and make up is so much fun.  Since you’re not going anywhere, it doesn’t matter if you end up with lippy on your eye lids

8. Watch fireworks

Invariably there will be fireworks on New Year’s Eve.  Why not wrap up warm, grab a cup of hot chocolate, pop outside and enjoy a free show

9. Play games

I’m always surprised by the kind of games young children can understand.  We played charades on Christmas day but you could bring out a board game or teach younger children how to play simple things like snap or dominos

10. Make a noise

Scare off the bad juju from the past year and welcome in new beginnings with your favourite music, singing and playing instruments.  Ring bells, bang on pans and shout Happy New Year to your neighbours!

And if none of this seems like fun, just pretend that midnight happens at 9pm, put the children to bed and enjoy a quiet glass of wine on your own!

Happy New Year!

Love Rachel ❤

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