How to Make Wild Garlic Butter

Are you ready for the best garlic bread of your life?  Yes?!  Then read on my friend.

Wild garlic is one of the most beloved treats on a forager’s menu.  Those delicious leaves and flowers are guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces and when found en mass wild garlic or ramsoms as they’re sometimes known, offer the forager a chance to experiment.  And experiment I have done!

Since Dorothy risked life and limb to collect these leaves, I wanted to preserve them for as long as possible.

Most people use wild garlic to make pesto, but I think this flavoured butter, which is suitable for freezing, is one of the best ways to preserve this seasonal treat.

You Will Need

Unsalted butter – 1 packet or make your own

Wild Garlic leaves – I used about half of

Salt flakes

A handful of edible flowers – I used wild garlic and primroses

Grease proof paper


  • Let your butter come to room temperature
  • Carefully sort through your leaves and rinse.  Discard any that you’re not 100% sure are wild garlic
  • Allow the leaves to dry
  • Finely chop the leaves
  • Blend the butter, garlic leaves and a pinch of salt flakes.  It may seem silly to finely cut the leaves before blending but i find it helps to prevent the leaves getting wrapped around the blade
  • Spoon the butter into a ‘sausage’ shape on a piece of grease proof paper.  Fold the paper over to squeeze the butter into shape
  • Place the butter in the fridge until it hardens enough to slice
  • Cut the butter into four pieces and shape on a piece on greaseproof paper

  • Lay the flowers on top and gently wrap with greaseproof
  • Freeze or refrigerate the butter until you’re using it

Wild garlic butter tastes amazing used wherever you’d use normal butter – sandwiches, baked potatoes, sauces.  I am particularly fond of it stirred into a big bowl of tagliatelle!

Love Rachel ❤

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