Blackberry Liqueur Recipe

This is the one.


Of all the recipes I’ll share with you, this is the one that you just have to try.  It’s takes no real effort or skill though it does require some patience but, and I can’t stress this enough, it’s delicious!

If you’re looking to create an impressive Christmas gift, adds something interesting to your drinks cabinet or use up some blackberries – this is the recipe for you.  But you have to do it now while blackberries are in season.

Of all the recipes I’ll share with you, this is the one that you just have to try

You can buy them in the shops of course but nothing beats picking them yourself or of course employing young children to pick them for you 🤣 Choose the firm, black berries and be sure to leave enough behind for the birds and other foragers.

You Will Need

750ml vodka – I use the cheap stuff but it’s probably better with better quality

450g fresh (or frozen) blackberries

600g caster sugar

250ml water


  • In a pan combine the sugar and water
  • Heat until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Allow the sugar syrup to cool completely
  • Put the blackberries, vodka and sugar syrup in a large jar
  • Gentle stir all of the ingredients together and seal
  • Store the jar in a dark place for 2-3 weeks – check on it every couple of days and gently stir or shake the contents.
  • Strain the mixture.  You can use the left behind boozy berries in other things.  Why not freeze them to add to cocktails.
  • The liquid should be poured into a bottle and allowed to age.
  • A couple of months is best but you should wait at least another 2-3 weeks.

I decorate the bottles with a little leftover wrapping paper and ribbon.  The Liqueur is smooth and delicious.  You can drink it on its own over ice or use it to make cocktails.

Love Rachel ❤️




    1. I’m going to try this recipe with whiskey.
      I used to love this certain blackberry cognac, but suddenly can’t find it anymore. I’ve found a couple of blackberry whiskeys that were okay, but they just didn’t have as strong of a blackberry flavor as the cognac. We’ll see what happens 😁

      1. You can buy Tonin Black Berry syrup and mix that with your whiskey of choice. I mix this with a good Brandy to make my own Blavkberry Brandy. Used for medicinal purposes only of course.😮😊. If you can’t find this syrup in stores, it is available from Amazon.

        1. Hi Charley
          For me the joy of collecting the blackberries and making something from scratch in my own kitchen, with no added chemicals or processing, is the main reason for the recipe.
          There’s always a shortcut but I don’t think that’s what people are looking for when they visit here 😁

      2. My daughter found that same problem. We have an abundance of blackberries every year and our season has just started.

  1. How much does this yield? Does it have to be kept cold or is it shelf stable when finished?

    1. It makes around a litre. It’s fine in a cupboard and I’ve tasted some that’s 2 years old and it was amazing. We have a 3 year old bottle that we’re hoping to test this Christmas so I’ll let you know 😊

  2. Can you only use cattle sugar?
    And how long can you leave in jar before straining?

  3. Blackberry season is around the corner and I’m definitely going to make this. I’m wondering what would happen with more blackberries? Maybe half more? I will come back and tell you, once I try it

  4. Thank you for this recipe, I just made a double batch, one batch with Everclear and one with Bulleit Bourbon.

  5. Could you give full recipe by saying cups, tsp, TBSP, etc.. thank you. Cannot wait to make this recipe. Just harvested Blackberries.
    Thank you..

  6. I just made some with blackberries and raspberries.. the amount of fruit a bit more than the recipe called for, but I’m anxious to try…. Will bottle in another week or so and hopefully will be ready for gifts by Christmas!

  7. Have you ever left the berries in longer then 3 weeks? I forgot my jar…it’s been about a month😬

  8. While aging do you still keep it in a dark place and does it have to be refrigerated at all? 😊

    1. Do you mean while the berries are in? I tend to keep it out of direct sunlight but not in the dark or fridge. When bottled you treat it as you would any alcohol.

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