Edible Flowers

So you’ve seen my 2815493025 posts featuring edible flowers and now you’re wondering which ones are actually safe to eat.

If you’re not sure about something – don’t put it in your mouth!

You’d be surprised how many are, though not everything that’s edible actually tastes nice! I’ll list a few common ones here, but the most important thing is to correctly identify what you’re planning to eat.  If you’re not sure about something – don’t put it in your mouth!

Apart from that, only pick flowers from above knee height to avoid dog wee and make sure they haven’t been sprayed with any pesticides.


Rose is the classic floral flavour isn’t it.  Its delicious in sweets, cakes, drinks, jams and jellies.


This much maligned plant is far from a weed, its a superfood that’s is more than welcome in our gatden!  You can eat all parts of the plant but the flowers make a nice tea, a ‘vegan honey’, sorbet and a whole host of other delights.


What a wonderous flower this is.  It makes lovely sweets, jellies and cordials but famously the most potent ‘champagne’ that my neighbours have ever tasted 🤣


This lovely bloom is only with us for a couple of weeks in the Spring.  It smells incredible and makes for lovely shortbread, infused honey and a very grown up cordial

Orchard blossoms

Whether you have an apple tree, cherry, plum or pear, the pretty flowers are edible.  I tend to use them for decorating cakes and biscuits.

Flowering currant

While it doesn’t actually produce fruit, the flowers of this pretty bush can be used to make a delicious cordial.


They don’t taste of much but dried or fresh, these teeny flowers make beautiful decorations for cakes, sweets and drinks.

What do you think?  Will you add some edible flowers to your next creation or even your next cup of tea?

Love Rachel ❤️

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