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We’ve all tried or at least seen an advert for recipe subscription delivery services, but Cook School is the first one I’ve come across that’s been created especially for children.  I agreed to review it because I figured that if it was good, it would make a really inventive Christmas gift idea.  My chief reviewer Dorothy made quick work of finding out what it’s all about.

First of all it’s so much fun for children to receive a parcel in the post.  Ours arrived addressed to Dorothy and of course she was over the moon with that and I was very impressed with the quality of the delivery.  Wherever possible the packaging is biodegrade and personalised.  Lots of little parcels wrapped in brown paper made for a really sweet unboxing moment – Dorothy loved inspecting all the little packages and trying to work out what they were.

The instructions were very easy to follow with step by step pictures included and a QR code for an instructional video if you needed it.  Unfortunately I was a bit cocky about them.  Instead of following the first instruction correctly and beginning by reading all of the instructions right to the end, I skimmed them and figured I knew what we were doing.  Because of this I missed a crucial element – the recipe we’d received – chocolate chip cookies – required the mixture to rest in the fridge for 24 hours and then the freezer for a further 8.  Much to the annoyance of Dorothy, the recipe took a few days!  I actually think this would be a good thing if received as a Christmas gift because you get three days of interaction, instruction reading and creativity.

The recipe itself was great.  All too often I’ve made cookies and opened the oven to find they’ve melted into one large biscuit! But not this time.  Dorothy created beautiful rounds of chocolately goodness.  The box even came with little bags to package up a few and give them as gifts, which she did, to our lovely neighbours.

Cook School is a subscription service and if you sign up you’ll receive a recipe box every two weeks.  But you can try a box as a one off before you decide whether to commit.  As they’re a not for profit organisation, every time you buy a subscription, you help to teach another child to cook.

Dorothy LOVED trying out the Cook School box.  She had so much fun and it really seems to have given her a confidence boost.  I was so impressed with the way she tried to work out what all the ingredients were by sight, smell and against my warning – taste 🤣  She was able to read some of the instructions herself and for the most part, needed very little help.

You can find out more here. And if you’re quick, you’ll be able to get a delivery before Christmas.

Have you tried any recipe subscription services?

Love Rachel ❤

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