Mulled Wine Recipe

I think mulled wine is delicious.  From the first time I tasted it (at a Christmas fair in Suffolk circa 2002) I was a huge fan.  Over the years I’ve tasted many versions and eventually I settled on my own recipe.

While mulled wine is generally considered a Christmas beverage, I see no reason to limit it to the festive season.  Mulled wine is like grown up hot Vimto (which is also delicious) so why shouldn’t it be considered a Winter warmer.

You will need

1 bottle red wine

Half a cup of orange juice

Half a cup of apple juice

Star anise

Cinnamon sticks

Ground ginger



Cardamom pods

Bay leaf


2 table spoons light brown sugar


  • Pour the wine into a stainless steel pan
  • Slice the orange and apple
  • Cut the apple slices into star shapes (optional) but put the whole lot into the pan
  • Add a teaspoon of ground ginger, a couple of sticks of cinnamon, 10 cloves, 3 cardamon pods (crushed), a bay leave and 3 star anise
  • Cover and allow to infuse for a couple of hours
  • Add the sugar and fruit juice and stir well
  • Gently heat the wine, stirring all the time and being very careful not to boil the mixture
  • Once hot but not boiling, serve in heat proof glasses

There’s a tradition in our family of taking a walk on Boxing day (26th December) with a big flask of warm mulled wine.  I promise you – a cup of this, outside on a frosty day is the epitome of warm and fuzzy.

Love Rachel ❤

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