Easter Bunny Poop

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while then you’ll know that I love making little gifts and party favours.  You’ll also know that I’m a bit impatient and like quick crafts  that can be thrown together.

I was scouring Netflix for Easter themed movies earlier on today when I came across ‘Hop’.

I’d forgotten how funny that film is.  I especially love the bit where E.B. reveals that he poops jellybeans.

What a party trick!  What a perfect party favour!

You Will Need

Jelly beans

Craft matchboxes

Tissue paper, Pom poms, ribbons etc to decorate


Brace yourself now because this is quite difficult.

Fill each matchbox with a selection of jellybeans and then decorate the matchbox.

Don’t they look cute!?

Children love a poop joke so will no doubt be quite taken with these little treats, but you may have to explain the origins to adults ?

Love Rachel ❤️

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