Half Way There

I feel as though I’ve been pregnant for both 5 minutes and 5 years!  But in actual fact I’m just over half way there.

Our little boy is very active.  But the same can’t be said for his Mummy, who is really starting to struggle with symphus pubis disfunction, also known as pelvic girdle pain, also known as wtf why do I feel like I’m going to split in to two!  Today my physiotherapist recommended crutches and kinesiology tape.  She placed some on my lower back and suggested that we experimented with different configurations.  She did however say that she would be less than pleased if I arrive next week wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy!  So that’s scuppered my plans!

Despite the crumbling pelvis, the lack of sleep and a lingering cold sore, I feel great.  I’m really starting to get in to the groove of this pregnancy.

I think part of it is having finally decided how I’ll give birth.  I’m going to opt for a caesarean.  There I said it – it’s done! If you’ve ever had a caesarean, I’d really appreciate any advice that you can give me.  Drop your recommendations in the comments please.

So this is halfway (and a bit).  Thanks for being here with me.

Love Rachel (and bump) ♥️


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