Loveheart Eggy Toast

My girls love this specual breakfast and who can blame them – it’s ridiculously cute!  Perfect for a simple Valentine’s brunch, a ‘Galentine’s’ treat or a snack after a hard day at school 😊

You will need

Wholemeal bread

Free-range medium egg

Olive oil spray

Frying pan and a heart shaped cookie cutter


  • Very lightly toast your bread on both sides
  • Remove from the grill or toaster and cut out a heart shape
  • Spray the frying pan and heat
  •  Place both pieces of toast in the frying pan and carefully crack the egg into the shape.  I tend to do this really slowly, letting the egg white cook a little as I pour it in.  This stops it spreading underneath the toast
  • Cook in the pan for a minute or two,.until the white is almost completely cooked
  • Put the whole pan under the grill (be mindful of the kind of handle you have) until the egg has cooked
  • Serve straight away

How do you like your eggs?

Love Rachel ❤️

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